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Forevermark is a diamond company and subsidiary of De Beers Group. Forevermark currently operates in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and the United States. Forevermark is present in 32 markets in total across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States, and has over 2,400 outlets.

Richard Jenkins, The Diamond Guru shares some thoughts about Forevermark in his blog: "When I look at Forevermark jewelry, I cannot help but think, ‘what a shame’. If Forevermark utilised independently graded diamonds, their engagement rings and bridal jewelry would be some of the most beautiful out there. Unfortunately, it is not a flaw that can be overlooked, as it is the most important element in a diamond engagement ring. The modern diamond buyer is an informed buyer – the increased information and rise of online diamond vendors has shone an unflattering light on the traditional jewelry store. If you want a stunning engagement ring, a high-quality diamond is of paramount importance."


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Consultant (Former Employee) says

"De Beers managment very Unprofessional.abusing, insulting contractors verbal abuse them and swearing them. No complaints do get follow up against these human rights abusers. Cons: Hr abusing"

Warehouse Officer (supervisor) says

"Moving from mussina to gauteng region was really difficult for me but to change of environment. It was challenging at first but so far I thank those who adviced me to come. De Beers is a nice company and even thinking of going back."

Superintendent (Current Employee) says

"No work/Life at the Management Level. Not a very organized company. Upper Management at the corporate office does not provide guidance. Rotational schedule is not bad"

Mechanic/lead hand (Former Employee) says

"long days, hard to get parts etc, learned money isn't the answer, manage time wisely, co-workers love them or hate them must work together, hardest part is all the paper work haha, the most enjoyable is the time off."

Trading and Logistics Co-ordinator (Former Employee) says

"I learnt many skills, but management changed with new CEO. Things changed. Also no career progression to offer."


"Worked here and just got into a place where couldn't take it anymore. No advancement and bad management. Good money and benefits but all an all not a great environment to move up. Cons: Management"

Protective Services Official (Current Employee) says

"This position is 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 12 hour days. Two of my off-days are spent travelling to and from the mine-site. The benefits are awesome, and the two weeks off is nice, but it can be mentally frustrating at times being away from home in an isolated post for two weeks at a time if you have a family. Cons: Long hours, isolated, poor access to the outside world."

Programmme Co-Ordinator (Former Employee) says

"very productive always talking to different people, working with well groomed co-workers so I had no problem at all, always found it difficult explaining to customers that there is no refund. Cons: long hours"

General worker (Current Employee) says

"i did really enjoy working there because they payed much money i even afford somethings that i did at first i worked long hours there 7 to 7 Monday to Sunday and the problem was that the was not an single off that you get when working there. Cons: long hours"

production operator (Current Employee) says

"We a facing challenges when its raining because we don't deliver to what is expected due to road slippery. The enjoyable part is when we reach above expectation as a Team we all celebrate the achievement. Yes management do give us the moral by visiting our workplace and have some conversation with one on one. We always learn on everday"

Training Officer (Current Employee) says

"The work we do is to monitor all mining operations and train all mining equipment and also do traing follow ups and planned tusk observatins in the pit Cons: Long Hours"

Underground miner/blaster (Current Employee) says

"I am a hard working middle aged man, healthy non smoker who is not afraid of work and manual labor. I am looking for a new challenge in another location."

Geology Manager (Current Employee) says

"My typical day at work include reviewing plans and success of these plans. This helps me to review my own effectiveness as a manager on a daily basis. Cons: Tight deadlines"

Senior Logistics Co-ordinator / Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very good company if it is for financial purposes. However family life takes a major setback. Your year is based on 220 to 300 days work non stop, Saturdays and Sundays... Very challenging Cons: Long hours"

Engineering Maintenance Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company is well organized, professional and structured. Some of their operations are not as well run. The project manager of the project I am working at is amazing and is keen to keep the project schedule on track, but without safety or environmental incidents."

Engineering (Current Employee) says

"Long working hours with to little proper training in your trade department Cons: To many company contracts"

Underground Miner (Former Employee) says

":) Good people to work with. I like how the company showed that safety is a priority among its employees. Cons: Isolated"

Supply Chain Practitioner: Mine Processing (Former Employee) says

"Poorly skilled management that are old school and believe they are the boss and you listen to them. Little scope for lateral thinkers."

Geologo (Former Employee) says

"A atividade laboral diária consistia fundamentalmente no controlo da produção de sondagem kimberlitica. o ambiente de trabalho era bastante positivo com muitos desafios todos dias."

Mining Engineer (Former Employee) says

"De Beers was a progressive company with respect for good planning and engineering solutions. The many levels of planning and sign-offs although critical proved to be too much red tape. Cons: Poor Career Advancement Structures"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Forevermark full-time for more than a year Cons: Departments have no idea what the other departments are doing and they are all tired in together. Too many meetings but no forward movement. Fairly new employees with no background of the business i.e new director, clueless. Terrible office set up, cubicles are open with absolutely no privacy, terrible. Old employees are nervous that new folks will take their everybody's into everybody's business. Lots of gossip. Not a professional atmosphere. Some women actually where shortie shorts to work. Don't bather talking to HR..... A lot of weird people, stay clear"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Forevermark full-time Cons: I wanted to transfer to a new territory and instead they hire someone else. All management has blonde hair and blue eyes you will not get promoted or considered for a promotion unless you are a token, even if you don't have experience and there a couple of those in the U.S Office. Many internal groups and favorites. They don't care about you nor your efforts"

Former Employee - Operations Assistant says

"I worked at Forevermark full-time for more than a year Cons: Poor progression prospects Snobbish culture which is dominated by the privately educated Unqualified/inexperienced management who are undynamic and focused on fighting the battles of the last decade Genuinely no communication from senior management about the strategic direction the firm was going in."

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